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Sunday, 03 February 2008
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Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Content: 60%
Type: Bar
Origin: Ghana

The word Brix is a play on words, as the chocolate is virtually the size and shape of a brick, but is also a play on the word for the level of sugar in wine grapes. The bar is packaged in a wooden looking box with a very straight forward label which has a few tasting notes and pairing recommendations. The bar has no divisions to be broken, but is intended to be broken off in random chunks via the use of a utility knife.


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I stumbled upon Brix at the Winter Fancy Food Show. The founder, Nicholas Proia, was at the booth, definitely the proud papa. He and his group of friends enjoy wine tasting as a hobby and wanted to find a more healthy accompaniment than cheese. Brix was born after many frustrating attempts to find a chocolate that would compliment and not compete with the wine. That being the purpose of this chocolate, its characteristics are somewhat different that most artisan chocolate bars.

The aroma hints lightly at vanilla and wood, and the sheen is a deep mocha satin. The bar breaks with a very crisp snap, revealing and extremely well made bar, solid and cleanly broken, with very little splintering. There is almost no bubbling on the rather large surface, and no sign of bloom.

As I take my first bite, I am struck by how rather non-descript this chocolate is for a semi-sweet bar. The bar is a blend of chocolates from Ghana, but not of any one source. It melts warmly on my tongue, spreading a bit of sugar, mocha and vanilla. The flavor, though difficult to assign characteristics to, is pleasant and lasts quite well. This bar is meant to pair with Zinfandel and Syrah in particular. Even though tasting with other items is generally discouraged, pairing well is the aim of this chocolate. To my surprise it was amazing how well the wine tasted in combination with the chocolate. No bite or distortion of the wine flavor after sampling the chocolate. I tested this several times, being so amazed at how well the flavors compliment each other. After reviewing/tasting most bars, I dispose of the remainder, but this one will be hoarded and devoured until it is gone.
Last updated: Sunday, 03 February 2008

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