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Wednesday, 03 October 2007
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Chocolate Bonbons
Type: Assorted
Number of Pieces: 9
Price: $14.95
Price Per Piece: $1.66
Beauty is not only skin deep with these Singaporean delights that would please even the most descriminating chocloisseur. High quality enrobing and creative flavors like banana royal, hot chocolate and malibu rum are showcased in gold leaf and colorful transfer patterns. The mouthfeel is among the best I have ever tasted, and the flavors are perfectly balanced.

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These bonbons and truffles are beautiful to look at, many kissed with gold leaf or colorfully enhanced with transfer sheets. The flavors are interesting without being too far out. While the enrobing is unidentified, it is clearly of excellent quality as the sheen and color of each of the chocolates is dark and glossy. In all bonbons reviewed, the enrobing compimented without overpowering the fillings.

Coffee Bean is actually shaped more like a proverbial magic bean, but crowned with a golden coffee bean. The filling is a dark ganache with coarse coffee grounds mixed throughout, leaving you with a coconut-like residual to chew on after the chocolate has dissipated. The coffee flavor is very strong without being bitter. The cappuccino, shaped like a cup, is comprised of three layers; dark ganache, milk ganache and white chocolate on top. This bonbon has a bit too much white chocolate flavor without much of a suggestion of cappuccino. Exquisite is simply dark ganache with a high cocoa content, but has bitter undertones and not much chocolate intensity. Finely chopped and well toasted macadamia nuts accent the delicious creamy white chocolate filling of the Macadamia Cream truffle, artistically finished off with a swirl of gold leaf. Banana Royal while velvety and attractive, is a bit too sweet and the flavoring is too artificial in nature. The walnuts in the Duette would add more to the flavor if it were toasted, but the golden walnut atop this creation was very fresh and tasty. A creamy white coconut center with a touch of rum is a great rendition of Malibu Rum, again, with excellent mouthfeel and enrobing that simply contains the filling. Hot Chocolate is my favorite selection. Enviably smooth with a crescendo of chili flavor that culminates in a noticeable but pleasant burn as the chocolate fades.

In all cases, the bonbons leave your mouth feeling clean and without any greasy residue. The chocolates begin to melt immediately upon contact with your tongue, and spread gradually, with a wonderful flavor endurance. They are some of the most enchanting looking chocolates, each with its own distinction. At $1.66 per piece, they are and extremely good value, and I would recommend a trip to the mall if you find yourself with a few hours to spend in Singapore. These chocolates are some of the only bargains to be found in this well known shopping haven.

Maker Notes:

A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavors, the pralines from Chocz. are exclusively handcrafted to explore taste, aroma and the infinite creativity in fine European tradition. With over 60 different varieties, with each creation having its own distinguishing taste and using chocolate couverture that is made from cocoa beans which are sourced from Africa, South America and Asia, the handcrafted pralines from Chocz. are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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