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Sunday, 01 April 2007
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Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Content: 58.5%
Type: Single-origin bar
Origin: Venezuela
Price: $3.00
Price/Oz: $1.07

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Sweet Balance
The somewhat plain looking wrapper announces the Venezuelan single bean origin, while the inner foil with its new-quarter shine and tight seal nicely preserves the chocolate's aroma and flavor. Aromas of vanilla and chocolate float up when you first open the packaging. The bar breaks with clean lines and good snap, yielding pieces approximately 1 inch square. The layout of the mold is somewhat aggravating by requiring a second break after breaking the square from the bar because they are too big to be eaten as-is.

Almost immediately after placing the chocolate on your tongue, your senses are assaulted by the overwhelming flavor distinctly like that of potting soil, fresh from the flowerbed. The shocking piquancy blooms into a faint damp mold, before finally relenting to a subtle cinnamon undertone. The sugar blends evenly with the bitterness of the chocolate, resulting in a well balanced sweetness. As is often the case with the semi-sweet chocolates, this sugar produces a texture reminiscent of that of fine sand, definitely detectable by even the unsuspecting tongue.

While not one of my favorite bars, the bean quality is very good, and its uniqueness makes it worth the ride for a chocolate adventurers. The flavor of this bar contrasts sharply with its sister bar, the Mijao, which has a cocoa content that is just 2% higher, but offers a more subtle experience.

Maker Comments:

Bucare is our most versatile chocolate - balanced to perfection to achieve a robust cacao aroma with pleasant overtones of fruit. It has great character, texture and a long, lingering mouth-feel. The name, "Bucare", is taken from the many types of trees that have shaded the groves of cacao tress since the 1600's.
Last updated: Friday, 05 October 2007

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