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A. Korkunov

 History testifies that famous recipes of chocolate are kept for centuries even though preferences and technology change greatly as time passes by. We open a new page of chocolate history, offering original chocolates from "A.Korkunov" to become a source of increasing pleasure for you.

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Saturday, 03 November 2007 ,  Written by Tamara Bitticks
Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Content: 72
Type: Bar
Origin: Unspecified
Price: $3.99
Price/Oz: $1.14

At present "A.Korkunov" brands more than 15 types of filled chocolates, 2 types of chocolate bars, hand-made items. Unusual names like Criollo, Monti, Arriero, Portobelo, Valense, Morelia and Viliena–refer to areas of cacao cultivation. Our original recipes are based on modern technology and the best traditions of Russian chocolate making.

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