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Sunday, 06 January 2008 ,  Written by Tamara Bitticks
ki’XOCOLATL (Spiced) 72%
Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Content: 72%
Type: Bar
Origin: Mexico
In the Mayan and the Nahuatl languages, the word Ki-xocolatl means: delectable chocolate. This name was chosen in honor of the two great pre-Hispanic cultures that dominated the cultivation of cocoa plants, and passed it on to modern man.  The carefully selected criollo beans are toasted and refined until a fine paste is obtained, which based in European traditions is then carefully blended for a minimum of twelve hours.  L’amandine uses only the finest ingredients in preparing its products to create the unique aroma and flavor of this crafted chocolate.
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Sunday, 01 April 2007 ,  Written by Tamara Bitticks
Valrhona - El Noir 56
Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Content: 56%
Type: Bar
Origin: Unspecified
Price: $3.95
Price/Oz: $1.13
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