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Sunday, 02 September 2007
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Chocolate Bonbons
Type: Assorted Bonbons
Number of Pieces: 16
Price: $32
Price Per Piece: $2

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The presentation of these beautiful chocolates is certainly one of the more impressive I have seen thus far. The gold ballotin is wrapped with a rich brown ribbon, and inside the chocolates are cradled in gold printed cellophane. There is a great flavor key that guides you on your exploration of the treasures inside. This box contained 8 truffles and 8 bonbons, which is a nice way to sample their creations.

The Bonbons were on the first layer, all fitted nicely into a pleasing array of shapes. The enrobing is shiny and dark, without any signs of bubbling or bloom. They offer 17 flavors, including Espresso-Rum, Horchata, Cabernet Sauvignon, Port-Sundried Cherry and Passion Fruit-Brandy. The centers were a mix of smooth and a bit waxy. The espresso didn't have a strong espresso flavor nor did I detect any rum. My two favorites were the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sundried Cherry-Port. Both had an excellent and authentic flavor without tasting artificial. The centers were smooth and melted nicely, and the flavors were balance very well with the coverture, which was a good thickness. The bonbons were generously sized and interesting shapes - the cabernet was shaped like a cluster of grapes and the size of two bonbons.

The second layer houses the truffles, which they call Texas Country Truffles, and like all things Texan, they are big. Each of the 8 truffles were rolled in a different coating, including graham crackers, pistachios and coconut. These flavors were even more creative than the bonbons with combinations like Run Raisin - Apple Pie rolled in graham cracker crumbs, lemon curd & rum coated in coconut and my favorite, lime-tequila-jalapeno rolled in almond slivers. I had to ask why almonds on this last one? But surprisingly you don't even know they are there as the lime hits you right away mellowing into a nice tequila and finishing strong with a spicy jalapeno flavor that stays with you. The centers of these truffles really lean much more towards a fudge texture and consistency than a ganache; very thick and a bit sugary. The nuts on all were fresh and tasty, but the fillings sometimes lack an upfront flavor. The hazelnut truffle was more like a praline and very good; a bit of crunch in the center with a warm brown sugar taste.

Roscar chocolates are made with mostly good ingredients, but vanillin, powdered milk and corn syrup do appear in the list. Their flavor ideas, while not all original are all interesting and tasty without going over the edge trying to be too unique. The presentation certainly sets the stage for an enjoyable chocolate experience, but at $2 per piece, I would personally like to see the truffles to be a bit more like ganache in the centers, and the bonbons to be a bit less waxy. From the quality of the unnamed coverture used, to the delicious flavor combinations, to the excellent luster on their chocolates, it is clear the makers at Roscar are talented and take great care in the preparation and presentation of their creations.

Maker Notes:

Truffles are simply the most sublime gems among chocolate treats. In its most primal form a truffle is a creamy couverture ganache enriched with butter to sustain its smoothness.

The beautiful chocolate designs are a fitting tribute to the smooth ganache fillings they encase. The style and character of each filling is what sets chocolatiers apart ? their creations are as individual as their signature.

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