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Sunday, 02 September 2007
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Chocolate Bonbons
Type: Assorted Bonbons
Number of Pieces: 6
Price: $9.50
Price Per Piece: $1.58


You will find these chocolates in the Splash Café in San Luis Obispo, squeezed into a corner of the café which is mostly a bakery with deli offerings. 
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The simple but pleasing packaging seems to fit with the organic angle of these chocolates. Six dark chocolate enrobed bonbons in the box for $9.50. The bonbons have a mahogany sheen and interesting shapes, but there is some noticeable bubbling on the surfaces. Unlike their truffles that come with a menu-like photo, there is no guide to the flavors in this assortment.

As best I can tell, the six flavors are ginger, cranberry, hazelnut, marzipan, green tea and blueberry. Both the ginger and marzipan were dry inside, almost crumbly, and the enrobing was too thick on the bottom, making it difficult to bite into without the entire bonbon falling apart. The marzipan had a distinct almond extract taste as opposed to the taste of freshly ground almonds. The cranberry and blueberry each had nice pieces of dried fruit inside, but the surrounding fondant was very sweet and without much flavor. The green tea was rather non-descript and if not for the distinct green hue, I am not sure I would have been able to identify it. The enrobing on this was well proportioned and the filling was smooth. Last was our favorite, the hazelnut chocolate.
Full of nicely toasted fresh hazelnuts tightly enrobed in dark chocolate, this was a welcome change from the too sweet fondants of the others.

You will find these chocolates in the Splash Café in San Luis Obispo, squeezed into a corner of the café which is mostly a bakery with deli offerings. As I attended Cal Poly, I was very excited to see artisan chocolates had made their way to SLO town. The focus of the company seems to be very much on using wholesome ingredients, organic where possible, and on promoting Fair Trade chocolate. Noble ideas, and hopefully over time the flavors of the candies will continue to evolve.

Maker Notes:
A delicious assortment contrasting our 72% bittersweet chocolate high in antioxidants with fillings that are likewise rich in nutrients: Creamy blueberry, cranberry, or green tea fillings are rich in flavenoids. Hazelnuts and almonds have high vitamin E content. And candied ginger, well, we consider it a "spice of life". Rich in zingiberone, it is the perfect, hot foil to bittersweet's dark richness. All ingredients are organically certified and the chocolate is Fair Trade-certified as well. You won't find another chocolate assortment like it on the planet. Earth, that is.

Last updated: Friday, 05 October 2007

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